Women and the fear of mountains of muscles

Women and the fear of mountains of muscles

“Strength training? For God’s sake! I don’t want to have such big shoulders! ”“ What does it look like with such big arms ?! ”“ When I train my back, I don’t fit in my bra anymore! ”“ I just want to look more athletic and ideally these light stripes on Have a stomach… ”

A few weeks ago I published a blog article in which I explained why women should also reach for the dumbbell when they have the“ body of their dreams ” want. However, very many of them now think that by exercising too much or too hard they build massive muscle mass and thus become too masculine. But is that really true? In this blog article I would like to explain whether women really masculinize after heavy weight training, whether they can build up brutal mountains of muscle and how they can get their slim but athletic dream figure.Frauen Muskeln

How does muscle building work?

First we need to clarify the basics. Strength training (also: resistance training) naturally promotes muscle building, as the body (under a few conditions: nutrition, training, stress, regeneration) adapts to the stimulus that the muscles experience during training. I.e. it is, simply put, a general process of adjustment: you practice something and you get better at it over time.

In the same way (under ideal conditions) your muscles will always adapt a little in order to be a little more efficient in the next training session. This is the principle of so-called supercompensation.

However, this process cannot be repeated indefinitely. The more advanced you are, the less the muscles adapt and the more intensely you have to train for further success. Ultimately, there are natural limits here, i.e. at some point progress is almost over (unless you use steroids).

How much muscle mass can women build up?

But why, as a woman, don’t you need to be afraid of building huge mountains of muscle? The limiting factor is mainly testosterone (male sex hormone), which is many times less present in the female organism than in the male (women have about a tenth to a thirtieth of the testosterone amount of men). You should also keep in mind that testosterone is only available in a certain amount and is therefore limited. In addition, the testosterone level fluctuates in the course of life (puberty, adolescence, old age …). So you can build muscle, but only to a certain extent. The fear of too much muscle mass is simply unfounded. Women – but also men – cannot naturally (ie without anabolic steroids and co.) Cultivate huge mountains of muscle.

What everyone thinks and what actually happens!


Back pose of an athlete in the IFBB bodybuilding class.

I’ll bet a lot of women think of images like the one on the right when they think of words like “women and weight training” or better still, “women and bodybuilding”. The women like the one in the photo also exercise with weights, but if you look at their hormonal balance, they are supported (i.e. they consume illegal anabolic substances). Such results are only possible if one helps with the natural hormone balance and z. B. testosteron rezeptfrei bestellen supplies externally.

In the meantime there are some other anabolic substances. Only in this way is it possible for a woman to train a much more powerful muscle mass than is possible for her naturally. Since testosterone is the male sex hormone or is responsible for the expression of the male sexual characteristics, a woman can develop male sexual characteristics with external supply, since her natural balance is disturbed and the testosterone is in excess.

This means that stronger muscle building is possible, but masculinization also sets in. Consequences that can arise are typically male hair growth, lowering of the pitch of the voice, disturbances in the monthly cycle and enlargement of the clitoris.

How do you get a beautiful, athletic figure?

frau bodybuilding beinpresse By jogging and yoga, some will now think. These exercises can certainly help to lose weight or relax, but if you want a sporty, athletic body, you won’t get very far. I have already explained this topic in another blog article. The short version of it: For a really sporty or athletic figure, women can or must do strength training to build muscles and thus improve their appearance.

So don’t be afraid of weight training, women! Do you remember that you have less testosterone available than the male fraction? It is precisely this factor that prevents you from walking around like the Hulk at some point. 😉


The build-up of muscle mass is limited by nature. Although women can build muscle mass in the same way as men, they only have a tenth to a thirtieth of the testosterone amount of men, which is why muscle growth is less in relation to this. So women have to do weight training sensibly, pay attention to the right diet and sufficient regeneration in order to be able to record a few gains.

Finally, here is a picture of three women who all do Do the same sport, eat very similarly, go to the gym as often and do the same exercises. With the difference that only one of them does bodybuilding without anabolic steroids and represents what is naturally possible. The other two women use testosterone and various other substances.

female bodybuilding with and without steroids

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