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First of all, the bitter truth: No nutritional strategies, training systems or supplements allow you to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. There are only two exceptions, which I will go into at the end.

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“Strength training? For God’s sake! I don’t want to have such big shoulders! ”“ What does it look like with such big arms ?! ”“ When I train my back, I don’t fit in my bra anymore! ”“ I just

 Anyone who goes to the gym knows the picture: The already bending dumbbell is somehow pulled upwards, and a whole body is over-motivated to the biceps -Curling used, in the back corner is a lonely cardio bunny who does all

Let’s be honest: without steroids it is impossible to be a form like Schwarzenegger, Heath or any other athlete we did at the Mister Olympia – Admire the stage, achieve. (This also applies to bikini and figure classes, by the

1,000 sit-ups, special supplements, sweating on the cardio machine, skipping breakfast or those in the evening Carbohydrates – how do you get that six-pack? The good news: You already have one – all you have to do is expose it!

Basically, if you want to get / stay fit and healthy, you combine both. However, once you have set yourself certain goals, it is wiser to focus on one direction.

Endurance training and its positive effects

First, I want to

For every muscle group that you can train, there is now a machine that can replace the free dumbbells – if you want to. In this article, I’ll show you the advantages and disadvantages of both types.