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Many people, mostly women, hope for arduous endurance training (hours of running in the park, daily sessions on the cardio machine in the studio etc.), mostly paired with calorie restriction (cramped saving of Calories), successes and thus a toned body.

“Strength training? For God’s sake! I don’t want to have such big shoulders! ”“ What does it look like with such big arms ?! ”“ When I train my back, I don’t fit in my bra anymore! ”“ I just

 Anyone who goes to the gym knows the picture: The already bending dumbbell is somehow pulled upwards, and a whole body is over-motivated to the biceps -Curling used, in the back corner is a lonely cardio bunny who does all

Let’s be honest: without steroids it is impossible to be a form like Schwarzenegger, Heath or any other athlete we did at the Mister Olympia – Admire the stage, achieve. (This also applies to bikini and figure classes, by the

1,000 sit-ups, special supplements, sweating on the cardio machine, skipping breakfast or those in the evening Carbohydrates – how do you get that six-pack? The good news: You already have one – all you have to do is expose it!

Basically, if you want to get / stay fit and healthy, you combine both. However, once you have set yourself certain goals, it is wiser to focus on one direction.

Endurance training and its positive effects

First, I want to

For every muscle group that you can train, there is now a machine that can replace the free dumbbells – if you want to. In this article, I’ll show you the advantages and disadvantages of both types.